Support Section Of Our Site :

Just another way we supply you with great service and Support .

 Remote Support :

PC GALAXY  provides a remote support service  through Team viewer software and Skype software, which can be downloaded from our website directly at the link below.

Download and install the software directly to your computer or laptop, and supply us with your unique user ID and Password, and we will remotely do the rest.  A internet connection is required for remote support. (Rates apply ) 

Click on Windows icon to download Windows version..



 Click on Mac icon to download Mac OSX version..

Click on Chrome OS icon to download Chrome version..


  Click on Linux icon to download Linux (Ubuntu /Debian) version..

Please visit the Team viewer website if require more information on the software www.teamviewer.com



  Click on Anydesk logo to download windows version..

Click on Apple logo to download mac version..

   Click on Chrome logo to download chrome os version..

Click on Linux logo to download linux version..

Please visit the AnyDesk website if require more information on the software www.anydesk.com


Click on Skype icon to download

Please visit the Skype website if require more information on the software www.skype.com

Click on Dropbox icon to download

Please visit the Dropbox website if require more information on the software www.dropbox.com


 Test your ADSL Line speed (LINK) 


 How to Port Forward Router (LINK) 


What is my IP Address ?? (LINK) 



Home Support : 

We will resolve your computer problems hardware or software related for desktops, laptops, emails, printers,tablets and home network setups wired or wireless.We also resolve issues with ADSL, 3G or satellite internet . PC GALAXY understands how necessary a computer and internet connection are to you.

 If you can not bring the equipment in to us , we can collect your PC or other related hardware (eg: printer, modem , laptop ,etc), do the repairs off site and then return the PC or other related hardware (eg: printer, modem , laptop ,etc) at your convenience.

We do offer onsite support & repair, most computer problems can be resolved on site. But there are instances where more serious jobs may need to be sorted out at our workshop. If this is the case, depending on the availability of spare replacement parts , we will contact you in connection with the estimated repair time and cost. 


Business Support :

Your company's equipment such as printers, desktops, laptops and networks will be managed/monitored by us and we will provide preventative maintenance through IT support from qualified knowledgeable technicians with many years experience. To  help ensure that your company equipment does not have issues we schedule visits, and if equipment does have problems , to resolve these issues as quickly as possible such as problems with servers not working, printers not printing, emails not coming in or going out , hardware and software which is consistently hanging or not booting.

PC GALAXY offers IT support through a (Service Level Agreement), this agreement covers the time allocation and scheduled visits at your convenience, making sure that your business is up and running at all times.(Please contact us directly for more information on the Service Agreements that we can offer so that we may match one to your companies needs and affordability,our agreements are available for download , please go to our downloads section ).

We provide a quick turnaround time for an technician to arrive at your business premises, if however they are unable to be there we will notify you and re-arrange/schedule for an alternate appointed time.

Our  Solutions allows businesses to save costs by reducing IT staff requirements. Why tie up your valuable IT support resource on routine tasks when outsourcing can provide a dedicated, guaranteed solution with stringent service level.